Logan Law Office is one of the most respected area firms for handling personal and business real estate matters. The firm handles all types of real estate settlements, representing buyers, sellers, and those refinancing existing mortgages. Clients include home buyers, small business proprietors, and corporations. Our firm has a conference room available for the settlement and maintains a real estate department dedicated to making sure your settlement runs as smooth as possible.

Most lenders allow any licensed attorney to handle your settlement and issue title insurance. Realtors or lenders may suggest that you use a particular attorney. However, you have the right to select the attorney you want to guide you through the settlement process. By having one of our licensed attorneys handle your settlement, you can have the peace of mind to know that your interests will be protected by a knowledgeable attorney in the event that any legal issues arise with your purchase, sale, or refinancing. 

Logan Law Office looks forward to handling all of your real estate settlement and title insurance needs.