Logan Law Office is committed to helping landowners make an educated decision as to whether an oil and gas lease is right for them. Recently, many Pennsylvania landowners have been approached by landmen or drilling companies who are interested in buying or leasing the landowner’s gas and oil rights.

While the monetary offer presented to the landowner may be enticing, one should proceed with caution. Oil and gas leases are not right for everyone depending upon your location and use of your property. It is highly recommended that landowners who are considering entering into an oil and gas lease, consult with an attorney.

Logan Law Office has experience in negotiating oil and gas leases and will work with you to protect the present and future value of your property and assist in helping you to negotiate a successful lease for all parties. Please contact our office to speak to one of our attorneys if you are considering signing a lease.

If you have already signed a lease and need additional estate planning, Logan Law Office can assist with considering and confronting the tax consequences of your new-found wealth. Logan Law Office can provide guidance if you wish to share your good fortune with family members during your life or after your death. We can also provide advice on how lease bonuses and/or royalties may affect your planning for long term care. Finally, our expert attorneys can suggest various ways to protect some or all proceeds and royalties from other liabilities and taxes. Now may be the time to speak with a lawyer at Logan Law Office.