Logan Law Office has experience handling all types of family law cases, including divorce, separation, custody, support, protection from abuse (PFA), and adoption proceedings.

Whether you have been served with a divorce complaint or are contemplating divorce, our attorneys can provide the counseling and advice necessary to guide you through the emotional stress of divorce and will aggressively fight to protect your rights. While we will initially try to settle your divorce under fair and amicable terms pursuant to a marriage settlement agreement, we will not hesitate to take your case to the divorce master to ensure you get the outcome you deserve. If your case concerns a considerable amount of assets, it is even more important that you contact one of our attorneys to discuss what type of distribution you might receive in the equitable distribution of property. In the event that you are not married but seek to sever the bonds with your significant other, our attorneys can prepare a separation agreement so that all your interests (financial or otherwise) are protected now and in the future.

One of the hardest things that any parent has to endure is when he/she is part of a custody proceeding. Since emotions can often run high in this type of proceeding, our attorneys provide the calming influence you need to guide you through the process and to make sure you are getting all the time you deserve with your child/children. Our firm has represented numerous parents, grandparents, and third parties striving to obtain physical and legal custody of their children. Whether your case can be resolved by way of an agreement or by going to trial, our attorneys will fight for you.

Another issue that goes hand and hand with divorce and custody is support. Support can come in several forms: spousal support, alimony pendete lite (APL), and alimony. Spousal support is support prior to the divorce complaint being filed or prior to the entrance of a divorce decree. APL is another form of support awarded after the divorce complaint is filed but prior to the entrance of a divorce decree. Alimony is support awarded after the entrance of the divorce decree. There are certain defenses and strategic reasons for requesting each type of support depending upon the circumstances of your case. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide you in pursuing/defending each type of support. 

Our attorneys have also represented clients involved in both sides of protection from abuse (PFA) cases. Our firm has filed petitions for PFA’s for clients subject to “abuse” as defined in the Pennsylvania protection from abuse statute. A PFA can be used to not only prohibit contact but also to obtain support, custody, and exclusive possession of the home. Moreover, our firm has also successfully defended individuals accused of violating the PFA statute by having the petition dismissed or entering into a consent order.

Finally, if you plan to adopt a child, our attorneys are available to prepare the necessary paperwork and guide you through that process. That process may include the parent seeking the adoption petitioning the Court for the voluntary/involuntary termination of the other parent’s parental rights. 

If you are seeking legal assistance in any of the above areas, give our attorneys a call to be sure that your rights are protected.